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Our Clients

​• Why did you specifically select CAD Printing, LLC for your printing project?

First and foremost was the quality of the product. Their facility was fantastic and in close proximity of our operations center. Cost was also a factor. CAD Printing did QUALITY work for a very fair price! The ability to produce signs on a moments notice (with a smile) was HUGE for us. Sometimes things come up that we did not plan for and need signs in a hurry. In each instance, CAD produced an excellent product in a short amount of time!


• What exactly did CAD Printing, LLC do to contribute to the outcome you wanted?

Managing 7,000 parking spaces for Super Bowl is sometimes a challenge. There are many different constituent groups that need to get to certain parking areas. The signs that CAD produced were large enough and were high quality enough that they were able to withstand the wind and rain and be an effective sign for thousands of guests to read. Without these signs people would have been lost.


• What were the results of working with CAD Printing, LLC?

CAD was great on both the production / design side but were also very accurate on the billing side. When we order so many signs there usually are errors on what we are billed for. I greatly appreciated the accuracy of the invoices that CAD provided. As a result our event was successful and so was my event wrap up!


• Describe why you feel that working with CAD Printing, LLC is/was successful.

CUSTOMER SERVICE! CAD definitely believes in this concept. We were always treated with kindness and respect and received service with a smile!


​John Festin, SP Plus GameDay Management

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